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Ukulele Iron On Patch

Ukulele UKE Iron On Patch
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Ukulele UKE Iron On PatchUkulele UKE Iron On Patch

This fantastic iron-on ukulele patch can be applied to cotton and cotton/poly blends

Patch measure approximately 2 3/4 inches X 1 inch

Using a Household Iron:

Pre-heat iron to hottest temperature setting (WITHOUT STEAM) and select a hard, flat pressing surface (not a padded ironing board.)

Using the heated iron, pre-heat area by pressing down for 20 seconds or until material feels hot where you are going to placing the applique to help with adherence.

Position patch on garment

If your garment is heat sensitive or your applique has beads or sequins, you will want to cover the applique design with thin pressing cloth.

Press straight down holding for 30-40 seconds with constant pressure,(NO BACK AND FORTH!) then turn the garment inside out and repeat.

*If you have difficulty with adherence, increase heat, length of press and pressure.