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Mighty Mouse is an iconic animated television show that first aired in 1955. The show follows the adventures of Mighty Mouse, a superhero mouse who uses his superpowers to protect the citizens of Mouseville from evil. The show was created by Paul Terry and was produced by Terrytoons.

Mighty Mouse was a beloved character who was known for his courage and strength. He was often seen flying through the air, using his super strength to fight off villains and save the day. He was also known for his catchphrase, "Here I come to save the day!"

The show was popular with both children and adults. It was known for its humor and its catchy theme song. The show also featured a variety of memorable characters, including Oil Can Harry, the villainous cat, and Pearl Pureheart, Mighty Mouse's love interest.

Mighty Mouse was a groundbreaking show for its time. It was one of the first animated shows to feature a superhero

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