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David Bowie - Labyrinth Shirts

Labyrinth is a classic 1986 fantasy adventure directed by Jim Henson and starring rock star David Bowie and actress Jennifer Connelly. The movie follows Sarah, a teenage girl who is frustrated with her life and wishes for her baby brother to be taken away. Her wish is granted by the Goblin King, Jareth, who gives her 13 hours to solve his labyrinth and rescue her brother.

Sarah embarks on a journey through the labyrinth, encountering a variety of strange creatures along the way. She meets Hoggle, a cowardly dwarf, and Ludo, a gentle giant, who help her on her quest. She also meets Sir Didymus, a fox-like knight, and the Worm, a talking worm who helps her find her way.

The movie is filled with memorable characters, exciting action, and a thrilling climax. Sarah must use her wits and courage to make it through the labyrinth and rescue her brother. Along the way, she learns valuable lessons about friendship, courage, and the power of believing in yourself.