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Darkseid T-Shirts

Darkseid T-ShirtsDarkseid is the most powerful supervillain DC Comics ever dreamed up. The constant nemesis of Batman and Superman and the rest of the Justice League, Darkseid is the ruler of the planet Apokolips and worshipped as the God of Evil. His supreme goal is to control all living things in the DC Universe using his Anti-Life Equation. His greatest power, the Omega Effect, is a red beam he fires from his eyes capable of erasing his enemies from existence. Darkseid has pinpoint control over his Omega Beams and they can pass through matter and energy. In one story, Darkseid attempted to attack Earth by kidnapping Supergirl. However, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman were able to save her.

Darkseid continues to appear in DC Comics movies, series, films and comics today. These hard-to-find Darkseid tee shirts are made using the finest in printing technology producing high quality T-Shirts.